Friday, 20 March 2015

Changes to Zoho Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

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We have updated our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Please take a few minutes to read and understand them. To help you understand, we have summarized the changes and provided a comparison of the current and the previous versions.

These changes will take effect on April 19, 2015.  If you continue to use Zoho after April 19, 2015, you will be governed by the new Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

     Revised Privacy Policy
     Summary of Changes to Privacy Policy

     Revised Terms of Service
     Summary of Changes to Terms of Service


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Sunday, 25 December 2011

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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Zoho Buzz - October 2011 - Zoho Show 3.0 is here!

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Zoho Buzz   October 2011
The all-new Zoho Show 3.0 comes with a rich user interface that lets you create impact, not just presentations. Engage your audience and get your ideas across in a visually appealing way.

Watch the video or try playing with the demo.
Smoother, Faster, Smarter Email Experience
Brand new features like 3-pane view, advanced search, cleaner revamped UI and an overall speed boost.

Read more about the smoother, faster and smarter Zoho Mail.
Projects in your Pocket
The new Zoho Projects Web App helps you stay connected with your projects and your team wherever you are. View your Project Stream to see what everyone is up to, update task status, add notes and more. Read more.
Time Tracking on the go
The Zoho Invoice iPhone and Android apps now include time tracking, a simple, no-fuss way to track time.

Try this feature by upgrading your app. Visit the iTunes store or the Android Market.
More Power to your Spreadsheet Experience
Zoho Sheet just became more powerful with these two new functionalities that make complex spreadsheet functions simpler: Array Formulas and Named Expressions.

Also, your macros will now run faster by about 75%.
A CRM system that closely mirrors real life
"Whatever relationship management system you use, and I recommend Zoho, make sure it links up with real life," - Louise Vincent, Natural Hero Ltd.
Listen to the full story from Vincent.
Zoho CRM's UI went from "The Worst" to "S-U-P-E-R-B"
The new Zoho CRM UI is designed to help Sales Reps manage their Customer Relationships better.

Read the story behind this transformation.
Subforms let you build full fledged relational databases
The newly introduced subforms in Zoho Creator can help you build relational database applications in minutes. Append subforms to your existing forms to set up one-to-many-relationships.
A financially directed approach to discipline your customer strategy
What would it mean to your business' bottom line if you could deliver an excellent customer experience?

If you could actually calculate that, then you would have the financial motivation to deliver top-tier customer service, explains Lior Arussy of the Strativity Group.

Watch the full interview.
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